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Day 22

After a long a deep sleep due to yesterday’s strenuous activity we decided to wander into town to book cars etc to get us to Christchurch next week. We were after a nice relaxed day but because the weather was so good again I decided to check out the final thing I wanted to tick off as done and truth be told one of my main reasons for coming to New Zealand, although I had not told anybody this.

Throughout the trip I have been stupid enough to fall off the Skytower in Auckland, a deep hole in Waitomo, and a large cable car in Queenstown and the only thing left, and a lifetime ambition of mine, is a plane!!!!!! So off to NZone to see what Tandem Skydives they had. Once again I was told I could go right away so I said I would be back in an hour after I had had a cup of tea to let it all sink in. Before I knew it I had signed my life away and bundled into a minibus with 5 other very quiet people for the trip to the airfield. Fortunately they do not muck about and I was no sooner off the bus then I had my jumpsuit on and had been introduced to Sasa my instructor or executioner, one of the two, from Croatia . He was very professional and went through all the safety before walking me, another guy from Liverpool and a nice 50 year old lady from Dunedin, which is just up the road, to the plane.


Kitted up to go

We all climbed in order, pilots: instructor: bloke from Liverpool: cameraman: Sasa then me. Unfortunalty this meant I was next to the door which was only covered in Perspex, then cameraman : lady from Dunedin and her instructor. I was being cheep and declined a cameraman, partly because of the cost but also I wanted to enjoy the view rather than having a guy buzz around me taking photos. The worst bit was the plane because it was a bit of a bumpy ride. At 9000ft Dunedin woman went. I felt sorry for the camera guy because he had to climb out of the plane and try and hold on for ages until she was in position, his face rippling in the wind like you see in the movies. Me and the Liverpool guy had gone for the long jump, 15000ft, so it was ages after the first jump that we got to our altitude. Now after 12000ft you need oxygen, which I did not realise when I booked in, so we had to have these pipes to put near our noses so we could breathe.

The plane levelled out again and the door was opened and I was shuffled to the edge. With no cameraman for me there was no hanging about and before I knew I had that stomach in my ears feeling again as I dropped to 9.281metres per second. Once we reached terminal velocity, look I am even using the terms like a pro, I had nearly 60 seconds of freefall. Now you can take your skyjump and bungy. Exciting yes but 60 seconds of freefall 15000ft up, well I am sorry that is just a whole different ball game. The good thing was that once I had stopped accelerating to a constant speed there was loads of time to enjoy it. We dropped what seemed like forever and then whollop the chute was open and the deceleration was tremendous. It was fun from then on as I was still miles above the mountains and could see all the way to the coast and dropped for another 10 minutes or so to the ground. Sasa asked if I was ok and I said great so for my pleasure he put in a few turns and spirals which increased the g-force no end and then we were down with a perfect landing.


Me and Sasa landing

What can I say, I loved it. If there was a space, and I had the money, I would have jumped on the next plane and do it all again it was that good. So much for a quiet chilled out day. It took me until 9pm to get off the high. Brilliant.

So tomorrow it looks like it is going to be grim so we are going to try and get on the jet boat.

Comedy moment of the day: Me at the door of the plane waiting for the 3,2,1 count which never came as we were away before I got to 2.

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I knew you'd got a secret little plan up your sleeve. How fantastic!!!!!! I have to say that despite me not being the biggest fan of heights, jumping out of a plane always seemed appealing!! How are you going to cope when you have to rteturn and get back into the old routine???

by lisa.griff

i'm glad you didn't tell me about that, what have you left to do . Perhaps it is better if i don't know.

by mary griff

I was full of admiration and a tinge of jealousy until I saw the lemon and pink parachute!

Every day gets better.

By the way the weather's been good here so I'm sure you will be desperate to get home (maybe)

by Stuart Gri

I’m looking forward to the TV series “Karl Griffin, Adrenalin Junky”

by coneill

Fantastic - life will seem pretty dull from now on!

by jozshil

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