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Day 19

We travelled to Queenstown today at breakneck speed in order to drop off the campervan. I am sure Julian had a tear in his eye when we left it in the car park alone which was a surprise as it attacked him every night, you can still see the bumps on his head.
So Queenstown. Not too bad but it is as expected, very commercialised. There is a bit of competition between who has the largest sunglasses for the ladies, and who has the lowest shorts without them actually being described as fallen down for the guys. I am not too sure what’s cool about constantly pulling up your pants, maybe it must be my age. Apart from the fashion victims the town itself is pretty good and the views of the Remarkables Range and Lake are fantastic.
Got to the hotel, Aspen on Queenstown, and were told we did not have any lake view apartments but when we got into the room it looks out over the lake and the mountains, fantastic.

Day 20

It has been a while since the adrenalin was pumping so when in Queenstown this only means one thing, Bungy. Following on from the epic theme at Waitomo I decided that if you are going to do your first bungy jump you may as well make it the biggest. Forget platforms or bridges, I decided to book myself on the Nevis Bungy, 134m of shear terror over the Nevis gorge.
Having done the Sky Tower this should be a walk in the park, but when Mr Cool dude picked us up in the bus playing Firestarter by the Prodigy, I may of got a little worried. We drove to the site and I must admit I have no idea how he got the bus up the incline to the jump but I had my seatbelt on!!!!
Once strapped into my harness, after a last toilet stop which was due to the second cup of tea and not the fact that I was about to launch my 134m to certain death, we got put into this little truckie thing to take us out to the jumping gondola suspended on wires across to gorge. I said my farewells to Julian who’s job it was to film the event from the relative, although he was still a bit twitchy, safety of the viewing platform because I am a cheapskate and did not want to pay for the DVD.


Happy before the Jump

I was 5th to jump so when it came to my turn they sit you in this “electric” chair, so called because everyone who sits in it are shaking (not me I was playing it cool), and put the straps around you legs. I have to say the two old jump masters were very professional and obviously took safety very seriously. Then you waddle up to the ledge and realise there is no going back. 3, 2, 1, and then my stomach launched itself into the throat and I freefell fore 8 ½ seconds. What a rush, it just feels like it is never ending. I would like to say the view was great but it was all a blur.
After a couple of bounces I pulled the cord to turn me the right way up and got hoisted back to the gondola and time to enjoy everyone else cacking themselves. Just brilliant. There was some blue language from some of the ladies which was a surprise as I did not know ladies swore.


Spot the Griffster

Once I had my pictures and T-shirt, we were shuttled back to Queenstown. This afternoon we decided to take a trip up the Gondola as the weather was great. Well worth it as the ride is very steep, Julian was twitching again, and the views are out of this world. We saw a few people jump of the Ledge bungy at the top, which is only 43m so hardly a jump at all, although the language from one poor girl was enough to send all the Japanese tourists flicking through their English translation guides to work out what she said. One poor lady bottled it big time and was in a right state by the time she walked back to the walkway. That’s peer pressure for you.
Julian had to do something exciting today as well so he had a couple of goes on the Luge track at the top of the Gondola. No one was safe on the track as he came around on only two wheels. Small children were seen fleeing for their lives!!!! Very funny to watch.
Tomorrow we plan to do Ben Lomond which is over 1700m high. I have got the plasters at the ready just in case and I am hoping the day will be like today as the views will be out of this world.

Comedy moment of the day: Watching a cool dude with all the trendy gear on just about collapse off the bungy as his legs gave way from terror and his ego deflated faster than his legs forgot to hold him up. He went but it was not pretty.

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you are mad, loveing the blog , what great memories you'll have.
lve mum

by mary griff

I remember seeing Billy Connolly do that jump on one of his programmes....he did it naked though...now that's a real man!!!!!

by lisa.griff

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